PCB & Wire Recycling Plant

Rudra series of plants is for processing PCBs and Wires and separation of metals from the non metal components. Available in various capacities ranging from 25 Kg per hour (PCBs) to 500 Kg per hour for PCBs . (About 50% of the capacity for wires)

Portable universal slot Wire Stripper

This wire stripper can separate the internal conducting copper or aluminium wire from the external insulation sheet. Works with multiple wire sizes and types with minimal adjustment. 

PCB Depopulation Machine

PCB depopulation machine is used for automatically removing all components mounted on a circuit board. Small components, Large components, Solder and Base boards are all separated automatically.

Sorting Conveyor

Sorting Conveyor is used in conjunction with the depopulator. It helps in a systematic approach for classification of depopulated components. This is critical for further downstream processes. Usually manned by 6 to 8 people.

Portable Harddisk breaker

The portable HDD breaker guarantees data destruction by bending the HDD or tearing out the drive motor and damaging the internal platters. Available in both electrically driven and manually operated models.

Induction Furnace

This induction furnace is used for making ingots of Copper and Aluminum. The furnace comes with a cooling tower, tiltable crucible and the induction unit with adjustable settings for melting Copper and Aluminium.