HDD Breaker

Data is a lifeline for any organization. Companies today create significant differentiation from competition based on their intellectual property. Most of this intellectual property is stored in form of digital data on computer hard disk drives. It is therefore important to ensure that this data does not fall in wrong hands.
Many clients, especially in the ITES space, need to ensure that when their electronic equipment is discarded the data on the internal hard disk drives is not visible to the recycler. Simple data erasure is sometimes inadequate because there is always a possibility of a logical reconstruction of data using advanced data recovery technologies. This means that the hard disk drives must be destroyed beyond recovery on the client’s premise. One of the guaranteed methods for ensuring data destruction is that the hard disk must be physically damaged in a irreparable way. Drilling a hole through the disk is possible. However it is noisy and can cause a bit of workplace hazards due to small particles flying away from the drill bit. The best method is therefore to bend the disk or punch the motor out of the disk. In both processes, the platters are irreversibly damaged and there is no possibility of reading the data on the disk.
Punch Type
Approximate Speed *
Operating temperature
Manual handle / Automatic
Hydraulic Piston
Powerless for manual drive 1 HP single phase motor for automatic drive
15 Seconds per HDD*
15oC to 45oC
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