Creative Ideas for churning profits in e-Waste

An online fireside chat with an expert in concept selling 

23rd and 24th October 2021 - 10.00 am to 1:00 pm on both days

The biggest problems in e-waste recycling are - collection and valuation. Most recyclers, dismantlers, PROs and even the informal sector find them a major challenge. Also, on the side of sales, profit maximization is elusive. This 2 session web event is meant to help generate great innovative ideas and implementable strategies for ensuring that you can achieve two objectives. 

  • collect more quantities at the highest efficiency and lowest cost!

  • sell your products and services effectively with more profits! 

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Mining Green Gold - Prospecting Mines

Mining Green Gold is a series of workshops for enabling and empowering the recycling industry.

The Electronic Mine was the first event of this series dedicated to deep insights into how to start and grow your e-waste recycling business.

Prospecting Mines is the second and much-awaited event in the Mining Green Gold Series. This is an event spread over 2 live sessions conducted on 2 consecutive days. The speakers will brainstorm over ideas for collecting e-waste of greater value, higher volumes and lower prices and creating the possibility of high value sales. 


Price is never the deciding factor!

In this uniquely designed event, Mr Subramanian Iyer applies his wisdom from his years of sales, business coaching, entrepreneurship and mentoring to solving the key problem of the e-waste recycling industry - Collection!

DB Prabhu represents the case of recyclers and dismantlers and asks questions to  Mr Subramanian Iyer to gain insightful ideas to address the problem of e-waste collection. 

In the waste management industry, sales happen twice. When procuring e-waste at the best possible cost, the e-Waste Miners practice concept sales and When selling the output of the procured e-waste, they practice product sales.

Procurement is definitely a major challenge for e-waste miners. And while selling the outputs from e-waste is not a problem, it can be done in a much better and profitable manner.

This webinar will address both these aspects. It is in form of a discussion between a representative of the e-waste Miners and a Sales specialist. 

In the first part of the webinar, DB Prabhu, as a mentor to e-waste recyclers will explain the problems of e-waste Miners related to collection and Subramanian Iyer as a Sales Coach will give his views on the possible solutions to the problems.  The broad direction will be towards how e-Waste miners can get waste for free or for lowest possible cost. 

In the second part of the webinar, the focus will be on selling the outputs. DB Prabhu as a mentor to e-waste recyclers will explain the sales avenues and the problems faced in those areas. Subramanian Iyer as a sales coach will share his ideas about solving these issues to maximize profitability.

In the third part of the webinar, both the speakers will answer all questions from the audience.

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Event Details

Date : 23rd and 24th October 10 am to 1 pm

Duration :  6 hours . 3 Hours  on each day including Q & A

Who should attend :

existing e-Waste recyclers, dismantlers, 

aspiring enviropreneurs wishing to get in the e-waste business

Benefits :

Learn ways to reduce cost

Learn ways to increase profits by adding value

Practically implementable ideas for your collection and sales

Give aways

Rs 1000/- discount coupons to register for any of our future training programs

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  • Ready templates for social media posting

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Invitation Fee : Rs 5,000/-