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on a detailed project report and

a machinery demo package

Prelaunch discount on the book

“Recycle & Grow Rich!

An entrepreneur’s guide to building a profitable and scalable e-waste recycling business”

by our CEO and Founder

Mr. D. B. Prabhu

Project Report :

This is a curated 40 pages project report for an e-waste business. 

The report is recommended for new startups who want to study about e-waste as a business before taking a decision, but do not have the time to dedicate for studying a large amount of data available on the internet, sorting out the contextually relevant and irrelevant, information. 

This project report is for an e-waste recycling unit with a collection capacity of 500-1000 tons per annum.

The contents include the following:

  • Introduction and fundamentals of e-waste

  • Current e-Waste handling practices

  • Market analysis for setting up an e-Waste management business

  • e-Waste handling - proposed business model

  • Overview of process and plant layout

  • Overall environmental impact

  • Environmental compliance statement

  • Financial viability analysis - 3 years projections

  • Photographs of machines and outputs


Machinery Demo :

Demonstration of metal recovery from PCBs : This demo is conducted with a small sample size of about 5-7 kg of PCBs with components. The output will be a mix of all metals. 

Photography or videography is prohibited. All machine photographs and videos are available on our website and our youtube channel. You are welcome to see, download, use, refer, forward all this publicly available information.

The demo will be given on a first come, first served basis.

It will be scheduled strictly on prior scheduling and confirmation. Walk-in demos will not be entertained.

Maximum 3 persons can attend a demo session from your side due to space constraints and safety reasons.

Other machines to be shown without a demo :

  • Dismantling table sample piece

  • Cable stripper

  • Depopulator

  • Induction furnace

You can register for availing this offer here at a special promotional price of Rs 6,500/- +18% GST (Rs 7670/- all inclusive) *

*Price valid only for registrations done upto 10th March 2020. 

You will receive a payment link shortly after you register for the project report and demo combo offer.

On receipt of your payment you will receive a call from our office within the next 2 days for scheduling the demo.

Bonus Gift :

A small sample of 6 separate outputs 


Recycle & Grow Rich!

As of March 2020, this book is perhaps the only one in the market focused purely on helping aspiring entrepreneurs who are exploring the idea of e-waste recycling as a viable business proposition. “Recycle and Grow Rich!” takes you through the process of making a business plan for your e-waste recycling business through an understanding of the prevailing market context, real grass-root constraints and the risks and risk mitigation methods. 


The book is laid out in 12 chapters that progress seamlessly in a sequence. At the end of each chapter, you have a small exercise based on that particular chapter. At the end of the book when you put together all those exercises, you practically have a business plan ready! It is almost magical how the author takes you effortlessly through the journey of making your business blueprint for

e-waste recycling. 


While this book is based on e-waste recycling and presents many data points from the specific e-waste perspective, one may simply use the same method for any other business.

You can book your copy here at a special promotional price of Rs 300/- *

*Shipping charges extra at actuals. Price valid only for prelaunch. Post launch price - Rs 499/-

Expected launch date: 31st March 2020.

You will receive a payment link shortly after you book your copy.