Waste Cables are a large part of WEEE. Different types of cables need

different methods to isolate the metal cores from the external insulation.

Usually most recyclers do this as a manual process. This is extremely time

consuming and tedious. Some people also resort to open burning of wires to

extract metals. This results in large scale pollution. Fortunately, you now have a simple

affordable solution.


Introducing the Chakra Universal Slot Cable Stripper


Most cable strippers have multiple slots for multiple cable sizes. This makes it difficult to operate, requires more space and becomes expensive. Chakra universal slot cable stripper has a single adjustable slot for processing most types of untwisted cables between 3mm to 30 mm core size. It can strip upto about 15 mtrs per minute. The outputs are the external insulation sheath and internal metal core. 

The Chakra Cable Stripper is ideal for scrap workers, scrap merchants and cable manufacturing companies.


Offer price: Rs. 49999/-

Waste Cable Stripper

Standard price: Rs. 75000/-