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ISO 9001 certified

Battery Recycling Machines

CE Mark

Different types of batteries require different types of solutions. We provide the mechanical part of the solution for recycling dry cell batteries.


While our battery recycling machine is agnostic to battery chemistry, it is optimized for Lithium Ion batteries and their derivatives.

We are ISO 9001 Certified. Our products comply with the quality standards of CE mark.

Integrated battery recycling plant

Our battery recycling solution is a completely mechanical solution. It does not involve any chemical or incineration processes. The input is discharged batteries from mobile phones or laptops or other such devices. The outputs are separated black mass, plastics, metals and polymer.

The solution is based on size reduction and fraction separation under a highly controlled environment. The battery recycling plant is a series of machines including a battery shredder, a pulveriser, a set of conveyors, dust collectors and multiple separation machines. All these machines are carefully calibrated for balanced operations.

The system is highly customizable and available in multiple capacities as below :

  1. Vidyut 100 - Series of independently operated machines -  100 kg per hour 

  2. Vidyut 200 - Semiautomated integrated plant - 200 kg per hour 

  3. Vidyut 500 - Semiautomated integrated plant - 500 kg per hour

  4. Vidyut 1000 - Semiautomated integrated plant - 1 ton per hour

For recycling batteries from electric vehicles, we can provide a custom built solution.

Lithium ion battery discharging system

We are currently working on a high-efficiency, operationally safe and environment-friendly battery discharging system. The design phase is over and we are now building the prototype. After the prototype and satisfactory pilot tests, we shall declare the commercial availability of the system.


Meanwhile, if you need a discharging solution, we will be able to provide a solution custom-built to the specifications provided by you.   

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