Rudra Series e-Waste Recycling Plant

India's 1st completely indigenous e-waste recycling plant 

Respose flagship product is RUDRA - our e-Waste resposal plant family. These plants are designed to suit the requirements of Indian e-waste recyclers.


Available now from 25 kg per hour capacity to 500 kg per hour (PCBs) capacity. The same plants can be used for certain types of wires also.

The RUDRA family comes in many variants depending on the scope of the recyclers activity and the scale of operations. 

Rudra L1 : Family of independent machines for dismantling related activities

Rudra 250 : Upto 25 Kg per hour PCB recycling capacity

Rudra 500 : Upto 75 kg per hour fully manual plant

Rudra 1000 : Upto 75 kg per hour semi automated PCB recycling plant

Rudra 2000-PS : Upto 125 kg per hour semi automated plant for PCB recycling

Rudra 2000-PA : Upto 125 kg completely automated plant for PCBs recycling

Rudra 3000 PA : Upto 250 kg completely automated plant for PCBs recycling

Rudra 5000 PA : Upto 500 kg completely automated plant for PCBs recycling

The RUDRA Family has the potential to revolutionize the e-waste recycling industry in India which today is largely under the informal sector due to prohibitive costs of high capacity imported machines.


Apart from these plants, we have SHOOL Hard Disk Breaker (Manual). Portable device that a single person can carry around.


SHOOL 50 : Hard Disk Breaker (Electrically powered) Besides that, we can design and supply plants of higher capacity against specific requirement.


CHAKRA 100: CFL/Bulbs/ Tubes destruction and metal recovery machine.

Respose Product philosophy is based on a simple principle of making technology suitable for the Indian business environment. We understand the Indian marketplace, the business dynamics, the entrepreneur’s mindset, etc.


Most Indian businesses classify as emerging businesses. The key for such enterprises is to be able to work on a small scale with the efficiency and quality capability of the large players. Smaller scales mean that the machines should also be extremely cost effective. Therefore the cornerstone of our product strategy is 'keep it small, simple and affordable'.


All Products from Respose come with a standard 1 year on site warranty. After the basic product warranty, a post warranty support contract is available if required.

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