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Products and Solutions

ISO 9001 certified
CE Mark

Recycling different types of waste need different types of machinery. In the waste recycling machinery, the idea of “one size fits all” does not work. Each type of material has its own unique characteristics. A recycling machine needs to take that into consideration. Also, every kind of waste must undergo a specific recycling process. The same process cannot work for all waste types. Hence the process-specific differences must also be considered for designing and making machinery suitable for specific types of waste. Generic waste recycling machinery may not be very efficient.

As ResposeIndia, we make specially designed machines for recycling of specific types of waste.

We are ISO 9001 Certified. Our products comply with the quality standards of CE mark.


e-Waste Recycling Solutions

We provide comprehensive consulting and machinery for the e-waste recycling industry.

Our e-waste recycling machines are suitable for all kinds of e-waste and wires. Our different models are designed to handle collection capacity ranging from 500 to 20000 tons per annum.

Lithium Ion and other Batteries

Battery Recycling Solutions

We provide complete mechanical plants for battery recycling.

We make machines for recycling different types of dry cell batteries. Our machines are capable of handling dry batteries of different chemistries. We have models with capacities ranging from 50 kg per hour  to  1 ton per hour

End of Life or scrap vehicles stacked up for recycling

Vehicle Recycling Solutions

ELVs are the latest trend in the market. With the vehicle scrappage policy coming in, this segment will soon explode.

We provide a complete solution for dismantling and recycling end-of-life vehicles. The solution is based on machine-assisted manual process to ensure maximum recovery at the cheapest cost. 

Municipal solid waste collected for processing and treatment

Municipal Solid Waste

SWM is one of the most complex subjects in terms of both volume and variety of garbage.

We provide complete consulting for process design and provide machinery for handling municipal solid waste. Depending on the intended outcome, the machines can do many things from urban mining to waste to energy conversion.

PET Plastic Waste

Plastic Recycling Solutions

Waste plastic is one of the biggest concerns of mankind.


We provide complete consulting services and partial machinery to eliminate the nuisance of mismanaged plastic waste.

Waste tyres ready for recycling

Tyre Recycling Solutions

Tyre Recycling is a niche industry. Depending on the intended output from the tyre recycling activity, the process and machines change.

We provide complete consulting and partial machines for this activity  

Independent Machines

Multipurpose Shredders


Size reduction is the basic step in recycling of every type of waste. A Shredder is one such size reduction machine. We provide multiple models of Shredders including single shaft, twin shaft, quad shaft shredders. The choice is based on the type of material, desired output size, capacity and configuration 

Pulverisers in waste management


A Pulveriser is another type of size reduction machine. The difference is that generally, a shredding machine shears the object into smaller pieces whereas a pulveriser reduces the object to a powdered form. Again depending on the type of material, desired output size, capacity and configuration, multiple models of granulators, air swept mills, ball mills and other types of pulverisers are available with us.

Belt and screw Conveyors


For various reasons within a recycling process, material needs to be moved from one place to another. We make screw conveyors and belt conveyors of varying sizes and load-carrying capacities.

Dust Collectors for air pollution control

Dust Collectors

A Dust collector is one of the most important machines in not just recycling operations, but also often in manufacturing operations. We make multiple types of dust collectors including bag type and self cleaning pulse jet type dust collectors. The choice depends on the process, type of dust, volume of dust, capacity requirements etc.

Magnetic separators in waste management

Magnetic Separators

The separation of ferrous metals from non-ferrous material is done through magnetic separation. Overband Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Drums, Magnetic pulleys, Self cleaning magnets etc are all available from us. 

Machines used for various tasks in recycling

Other Custom Equipment

We also make special purpose custom built equipment and machinery. These machines are built to specifications given by the customer.

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