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Data Destruction Service

Guaranteed permanent data erasure is important before scrapping any IT equipment. For technology users who wish to ensure that their data will never fall into the wrong hands, we provide a bouquet of services. 

Generally, customers opt for a combination of these data destruction services - software-based data erasure, degaussing and data media destruction. 


All these services are available for both technology end users as well as smaller recyclers who do not want to invest in the technology themselves or do not have the technical capability of executing this task for their customers. All data destruction services are available both onsite and offsite.

Data wiping.jpg

Data Erasure
(Data Wiping)

We provide this service of permanent data wiping or data erasure. 

Data erasure is a software-based programmatic erasure of data based on International data security standards. The algorithm writes a random binary sequence on the entire disk while maintaining the tracks and the sectors. 

The advantage of this method is that the disk stays reusable and an appropriate value can be realized from the same. This method is good for healthy HDDs of any type, SSDs, pen drives, and other primary data storage media.  

On the flip side, this service is only valuable if the disk is in a healthy condition. We do not recommend data wiping for disks having more than 10% bad sectors. Also, while other types of media such as re-writable CDs/DVDs and tapes can also be erased, we generally do not recommend the same.

Degaussing 182x182.jpg

Media Degaussing
(Disk Degaussing)

Media degaussing is fundamentally useful for magnetic media only such as Winchester drives (commonly called Hard Disk Drives) and various types of tape drives such as DLT, LTO, etc. Non magnetic data storage media such as Pen drives, SSDs etc cannot be degaussed. Media degaussing is based on permanent demagnetization of the media by sending a high magnetic surge through the media.

The advantage of this method is lower cost and high speed. This is a highly recommended method for large quantities and also in case of unhealthy data media. 

The disadvantage is that the degaussed media is permanently rendered unusable unlike in case of software-based data wiping. Also, non magnetic data storage media like CDs/DVDs, SSDs, etc cannot be destroyed through degaussing.

HDD breaking.jpg

Media Destruction
(Hard Disk Breaker)

Further to wiping and degaussing, in some cases, the media also may need to be physically destroyed. Media destruction is simply mechanically damaging the media so that it cannot be used any longer. We offer HDD breaking / damaging services through a hydraulically operated needle or blade. The needle can puncture a hole in the disk and separate the motor rotation mechanism. The Blade can bend the disk at a 120 degree angle or more. In both cases, the disk platters are mechanically damaged beyond repair.

For other types of data storage devices, any of our other products like shredders or shearing tools can be used.

The advantage of this method is the lower cost and absolute guarantee of irrecoverablity of data. The disadvantage is that you may need multiple devices for different media.

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