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For creating awareness about environmental issues and for gathering collective momentum to fight climate change, we conduct multiple events such as online and offline awareness and training programs, workshops, seminars, competitions, and exhibitions.

Apart from spreading awareness, we help environmental activists, NGOs and waste management companies to conduct specific waste collection drives. e-Waste and plastics are the current verticals served in this domain.

Upcoming Events

Climate change impact illustration

Climate Change: Awareness session

Date and Time : TBA

Online event for creating awareness about the reality about climate change. We will touch upon

1. Impacting of climate change for the common man

2. Business and economic impact of climate change

3. Causes of climate change

4. Response to climate change

e-Waste recycling openhouse

Date and Time: TBA

Online event for answering queries about e-waste recycling business. Especially for those setting up new e-waste recycling businesses. A quick overview of the business opportunity followed by a Qand A session. 

e-Waste recycling openhouse
e-Waste recycling workshop

Setting up e-Waste business - Workshop 

Date and Time : TBA

This is a 4 sessions program of 90 min each session covering all aspects of the e-waste business opportunity and how to set up and scale up the business. Fully online. For aspiring entrepreneurs wishing to get into the e-waste business.   

(Paid Event. The date of the event and the payment link shall be shared separately on your email id)

Past Events

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