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ISO 9001 certified

Plastic Recycling Solution

CE Mark

Depending on the type of plastic, one can select the type of processing. It can also vary on the intended use of the output. For larger and more complex plastic collection volumes, a multi-faceted plastic recycling center can be put up.

Plastic recycling solution and machines

A Plastic recycling business typically comprises of collection, segregation/classification, cleansing, size reduction, melting, mixing and extrusion. The extruded pellets of plastic can be reused in new applications of plastic.


We provide machinery for all of the above, partly our own machinery and partly third party. General machines used are air classifiers, trommels, conveyors, ballistic separators, metal separators, washing line, shredder, and extrusion line. 


Typical capacities available are 

  1. 5 tons per day

  2. 10 tons per day

  3. 20 tons per day

Plastic recycling through extrusion is only viable at this scale. For lesser volumes, a different approach may be needed.

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