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The waste management domain is highly specialized and many times traditional business wisdom doesn't work. That's why startups as well as established companies often need specialized services to address their specific needs at different points in time. 

Whether you want to set up a new waste recycling facility, or work on increasing profitability of your recycling operations or you wish to scale up your waste management businesses, our services can add great value for you. We have designed specialized services for the 3 key stages in the journey to creating successful waste management businesses.

Consulting Service Modules


Startup Stage

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to set up a profitable and scalable waste management business, you will find value in this set of services. 

We provide guidance for all the things that you need to do before starting your operations.

Startup Stage Consulting

Early Stage

Once you start operations, the first 2-3 years are crucial for your long-term success. Services in this basket will help you survive through the challenges and build a solid foundation in these startup years.   

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Growth Stage

After surviving the 1st few rough years, growing to the next level is often a challenge for many small companies. The challenges are different and the pressures are big. This set of services will help you to take your business to the next level.

Data Destruction Services

Guaranteed permanent data erasure is important before scrapping any IT equipment. To ensure that sensitive user data never falls in the wrong hands, we provide permanent data elimination service.

This service is also available for smaller recyclers who do not want to invest in the technology themselves or do not have the technical capability of executing this task for their customers

Data wiping_edited.jpg

Data Erasure

Software-based data erasure compliant with international security standards. 

Degaussing 182x182.jpg

Media Degaussing

Permanent degaussing or demagnetization of the data media.

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Media Destruction

Physical destruction or permanent damage of data storage media.

Apart from these services provided to recyclers, we also provide consulting services to large corporates for managing their e-waste (ITAD) and retiring or scrappage of other assets.

Strategic Services

If you are a forward-looking entrepreneur, you will find the below services of tremendous value. 


Executive Development Program

A range of executive development programs for driving your waste management business to the next level


Collection Advisory Services

Structured approach to organised collection of scrap from domestic, institutional and informal sectors.


Build-Operate-Transfer Service

Entire business operations outsourcing service on a B-O-T model. You learn the business while we run it for you. 

Engineering Services

Customers often need a variety of core technical services for various reasons. Especially in the case of imported technology, the ongoing services could be very expensive and even difficult to get.

Our technical team provides the much needed support for rising to the challenges of technology obsolescence, capacity expansion and scope extensions. You can now focus on your business and leave the technology piece to our experts.


Capacity Expansion

Capacity expansion of an existing production unit can be quite complex and challenging in terms of economic as well as operational viability. 

We assist in achieving your goals optimally.



Shifting a production unit for any reason is a tedious and complex task.

Our experts can help in the relocation of your production facility seamlessly.



Every machine needs periodic maintenance for smooth and efficient functioning.

We provide comprehensive maintenance services. 

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