MSW Processing Solutions

Municipal Solid Waste comes with many types of waste comingled in the collection. One of the important steps after separation is shredding and downsizing. Different types of waste require different types of shredders for optimal performance. Depending on the types of waste to be crushed, these shredders are either single shaft, twin shaft or quad shaft. 


Also depending on the nature of the feed and the desired output, the cutting blades differ in size, shape and function.

ResposeIndia makes multiple independent equipments needed for MSW recycling. 

Waste Sorting Conveyor

Most critical part of treatment of MSW is sorting it. A Slow moving sorting conveyor is useful in sorting out recyclables, compostables, and non recyclables.

Typically manned by a 6-8 people team, this conveyor can be extended as long as is required. Our modular design makes it expandable on demand. 

MSW Processing flow chart