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ISO 9001 certified

Municipal Solid Waste Solution

CE Mark

MSW is generally the unwanted, disregarded ugly duckling of the waste management industry. However, there is a huge business potential due to the sheer volume of waste and the plethora of possibilities.

Municipal Solid Waste is the largest type of waste by volume. Because of the variety, velocity and volume of MSW generation, there are multiple processes required to be undertaken for its efficient and environmentally benign treatment.

MSW Processing Solution

Our MSW solution is custom built based on multiple factors such as composition, volume and nature of the MSW as well as customer preference. We provide machines for classification of the co-mingled waste, shredding, biomethanation, waste to energy, composting, and other processes depending on their desirability and viability.


The SWM (Solid Waste Management) solution from Respose is a custom designed built to order solution. We provide solutions for all possible capacities. We can provide the following machines of varying capacities as per the need.

We are ISO 9001 certified. Our products comply with the quality standards of CE Mark.

  1. Universal single shaft shredder

  2. Trommels, air classifiers and magnetic separators

  3. Dust Collectors

  4. Belt and Screw Conveyors

  5. Biomethanation Plant

  6. Composting Plant

  7. Auxiliary equipment

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