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Strategic Services

Throughout the lifecycle of a recycling business, at many stages many different challenges crop up. Often, inexperienced recyclers need a lot of assistance in the face of such challenges. We can structure a service relevant to such selected challenges as and when needed.

The most commonly found challenges lie in the area of executive development, scrap collection and running the plant operations effectively. To address these areas, we have created the service packages below. Besides these also, we can create and deliver new services as required.  

Management training


The top and middle management teams play a crucial role in any business. While top management works at the level of strategic directions, the mid management works at the execution level.

The top management is generally stable and have their own  specific coaching needs. Most top management coaching programs are long term contracts since it involves a lot of strategic research, brainstorming, creation of business plans, reviews and continuous improvements.

The mid management can have attrition as well as growth issues and need regular short term management development training programs.

We deliver both these types of programs partly directly and partly through our partners. 

collection advisory services


Scrap collection is often quoted as the biggest challenge in the scrap recycling industry. This is in direct contradiction with the fact that we see mountains of waste material lying all around.

The reason is mainly an unstructured approach to scrap collection. 

We work with recyclers closely, help them to discover their potential market segments, focus on a chosen few, run targeted campaigns and in general go to the market with a structured plan.

We help recyclers to create and implement a measurable and monitorable action plan for them, continuously improving the same based on changing market dynamics.  

Build Operate Transfer services for ewaste recycling facilities

Build-Operate-Transfer Service

Often we have found that scrap recyclers struggle to streamline their operations. As a result, many of them complain about profitability challenges. Many times they find it almost impossible to identify the causes of their difficulties. Also, new recyclers carry a burden of uncertainty and hence find it difficult to hire the right kind of people for growing their business.

For both these scenarios we provide a unique service of operations outsourcing.

We can build the business for you, operate it for a while, establish standard operating practices, render the business profitable and finally hand over the running business to you after a comprehensive knowledge transfer.

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