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Recycling machinery

e-Waste Recycling Machines

ISO 9001 certified
CE Mark

e-Waste recycling is a combination of various activities starting from collection and classification to recovery of metals from waste electronics. Many activities are manual in nature while others need machinery.


We provide machines for the dismantling of WEEE, component separation, PCB recycling and metal recovery, and precious metal recovery from electronic waste.

We are ISO 9001 Certified. Our products comply with the quality standards of CE mark.

Integrated e-waste recycling plant

A PCB recycling machine is actually an integrated plant with multiple machines carefully designed, optimized and balanced for consistent performance. This PCB recycling plant is used for recycling of PCBs isolated from the WEEE and recovering valuable metals. Multiple machines are used for size reduction, dust collection and separation of metals from non metals. Multiple models are available to suit the needs of every size of recycler. Our PCB recycling plants are designed for the following capacities.

  1. Rudra 500 - Semiautomated integrated plant - 500-750 tons per annum

  2. Rudra 1000 - Semiautomated integrated plant - 1000-1500 tons per annum

  3. Rudra 2000 - Semiautomated integrated plant - 1500-2500 tons per annum

  4. Rudra 3000 - Semiautomated integrated plant - 3000-4000 tons per annum

  5. Rudra 3000A - Fully automated integrated plant - 3000-4000 tons per annum

  6. Rudra 5000A - Fully automated integrated plant - 6000-8000 tons per annum

Other additional machinery

Dismantling Line

This is a set of dismantling tables and appropriately designed dust collector as per the requirements of the Pollution Control Board. The dismantling line is designed in modules of 4 dismantling workstations complete with dust suction canopies and ducting. Each module has a dedicated dust collector. The dismantling workstations are available in multiple models.

  1. 4x8 Stainless Steel Top heavy duty dismantling workstation

  2. 4x8 Stainless Steel Top standard dismantling workstation

  3. 2x8 Stainless Steel Top standard dismantling workstation (Set of 2)

  4. 2x4 Stainless Steel Top standard dismantling workstation (Set of 4)

Cable stripper

We provide a multi-slot Cable Stripper for stripping single strand wires with core sizes ranging from 2 mm to 30 mm. Wires smaller than this size can be processed in our cable recycling plant. It is available in two models 

  1. a standalone floor mounted unit 

  2. a workstation mounted unit.

HDD breaker

This machine is for physically damaging the HDDs for rendering data irrecoverable. The machine is hydraulically powered and facilitates adjustment for multiple form factors. The machine also provides the option to change the tool easily so that use can select the method of damaging the disk i.e you can either punch a hole and remove the motor or you can simply bend the disk. In both cases the platters are damaged beyond repair.

Degaussing machine

Degaussing machine or degausser is meant for magnetically destroying data on any kind of magnetic data storage medium. Data on HDDs, Tape drives, Floppy disks can all be completely eliminated by subjecting the media to a surge of very high magnetic field. This machine also as the capability of generating automated degaussing reports which can be used for meeting compliance needs


Depopulator, also known as component removal machine, helps in removing soldered components from the PCBs. This is especially useful when the collection sizes are big enough for manual desoldering to be unviable. We advise this machine for collection capacity ranging from 500 tons per annum to 3000 tons per annum.

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