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Fighting climate change through environmentally positive businesses is our ultimate aim. We continuously measure ourselves on the impact achieved.

As a manufacturer of machinery for recycling and a consultant to recyclers, we enable recyclers to reduce their carbon footprint through effective use of technology and process optimization. 

Waste Recycling Machine


Projects Completed 

As of May 2024, we have helped more than 50 e-waste Recyclers across India to set up their recycling units.

All these recyclers have received authorization from their respective State Pollution Control Boards. 

Besides, we have worked with many waste management companies in a consultative capacity.

> 125,000 Tons

Recycling capacity growth

As of May 2024, through our supply of machinery and consulting services, we have helped our customers to achieve a cumulative recycling capacity of more than 125,000 tons per annum.

With every new plant installed, this capacity keeps growing year on year.

Green Growth
Emission and pollution reduction

> 175,000 Tons

Reduction in emissions

By virtue of our recycling machinery built using our award-winning clean technology, we have been able to create a potential impact in the reduction of emissions.

Without our machinery, the traditional waste recycling methods would have created more than 175,000 tons of carbon dioxide and equivalent emissions.

Other Socio-Economic Impacts

Reduction in child labour

Safer working conditions 

Dignified employment opportunity

Assistance in bridging the digital divide

Reduction in the informal sector

Increase in tax revenue for the government

Decrease in raw material cost for industry

Potential reduction in metal imports 

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