What 'Respose' Means

What Respose Means

The name Respose was derived from the desire to facilitate responsible disposal of anything.  Responsible Disposal = Resposal. Hence we coined the word Respose. We claim the credit for associating responsibility with the activity of disposal - the stage beyond recycling.

Our Business

ResposeIndia's Recycling arm currently offers completely indigenous plant and machinery for recycling of electronic waste. We also offer other products associated with recycling of other types of waste such as Plastics, Bio-Medical Waste, Kitchen Waste, and MSW projects.

The whole set of offering is enriched with our supporting consulting services for business strategy, technology and compliance.

Apart from own products, ResposeIndia also has technology partnerships with other leading European companies.

ResposeIndia's Renewable Energy arm focuses on Solar energy. Our offerings in the Solar energy space include consulting, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the entire solar plant setup. We also provide consulting services and machinery for biogas setups and for plastic to fuel conversion.

Social Initiatives

Our business itself is based on a socially responsible vision. Our every sale results in a direct benefit to the environment, community  health and social economic development.

However, apart from that Respose is associated with institutions and NGOs such as Marathi Vidnyan Parishad - a council for promoting scientific thinking, Paryavaran Dakshata Manch - an NGO working towards environmental amelioration, Humanity Foundation - an NGO focused on environmental awareness, etc. We conduct workshops, seminars and other forms of awareness campaigns to champion the cause of environmental amelioration.