Our Services

The waste management and recycling field is a relatively new one and a lot of work is still left to be done and reliable information is scarce. There is a continuous research and new knowledge being generated in this field. Therefore, for the benefit of our customers and aspiring green entrepreneurs, we provide a comprehensive suite of consulting services including the following

Project Report Service

We provide 2 separate project reports for e-waste business - For the SME (Less than 1000 tons per annum capacity) and For the Mid to large enterprise (Greater than 1000 tons per annum capacity).

We can provide general project reports for other types of waste management business including Plastic to Oil, Tyre recycling, MSW, etc.

Operations and Business Process Consulting

Within this category, we provide consulting services for Reverse logistics (Best Practices in Collection and Transportation), Classification processes and best practices, Operational processes at shopfloor, Manpower planning and training services, Performance monitoring and management, Plant design and layout services.

Consulting for Strategic Green Initiatives

Given that companies usually spend 2-3 % of their profits on CSR activities, it may be critical to ensure that the money is spent on high impact, high visibility and possibly self-sustaining (if not profit making) activities.

We specialize in creating sustainable business models around environmentally and socially desirable but challenging activities. Many companies are currently aspiring to be seen as a socially conscious brand and are trying to start some initiatives towards socially desirable activities around education, charities, awareness drives, health campaigns etc. The prerequisite for such initiatives is to explore and establish their economic and technical viability. This prerequisite exercise falls under the purview of a company engaged in consulting for 'green and socially desirable entrepreneurial ventures'


Within the scope of this service, we help to identify, establish, implement, monitor, internalize and review the environment sustainability at the client's premises through a three phased approach.

Phase 1: Exploratory study and overview of alternate solutions

Phase 2: Detail analysis of the solutions, planning and rollout (This phase may be further split into two, (a) the planning phase (b) the rollout phase)

Phase 3: Evaluation of the outcome against the objectives of desired impact, brand connect and economic considerations. And all of this, with a focus on reduction of waste. Every rupee saved adds straight to the profits.

Technology Consulting

Technology and equipment available for each function, Subprocess, and stages, Detail technology descriptions for each equipment, Comparison and selection of equipment and technologies, Impacts on functional processes with different technical choices. This service is required for those who wish to float a tender / RFP for plant and machinery.

Consulting for Standards Compliance 

As part of designing and executing projects, we focus on its process quality and environmental impact by developing the projects' Quality and Environmental Management Systems (QMS and EMS) from the projects design stage itself. We benchmark these processes to the industry standards, best practices and international standards like ISO 9001 / ISO 14001. Thus, from the design stage itself , we are able to take remedial actions for process gaps if any. We operate in a proactive mode rather than reactive mode.